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Highbank Orchard Syrup | Highbank Organic Orchards



Highbank Orchard Syrup

"Irelands answer to maple syrup", this sweet and delicious, pouring, organic orchard syrup, is the first of its kind. Grown and produced by Highbank Orchards in Kilkenny, Ireland. With years of research, Highbank launched the Orchard Syrup in 2010 at Savour Kilkenny.

Totally organic, this unique, healthy product is made from Irish, organic apples from the farm. Highbank Orchard Syrup is completely organic made from our apples only - no pesticides, no artificial fertilisers or preservatives. Stored at ambient temperature, Highbank orchard syrup has a shelf life of over 2 years.


  • Irish organic apples, no added sugar.
  • Free from artificial colours, additives and preservatives.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.

"So, apples is what you get, and what they make is a syrup that is also a tonic. This is a great product, and it has already edged West Cork honey to the margins when it comes to the morning porridge here at Bridgestone Central. But it's not just breakfast that benefits from Highbank Syrup: slug it on some ice cream, or a slice of warm apple tart, and you have orchard heaven".

Sally McKenna, Bridgestone Guides

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Drizzle on porridge and muesli, pour on ice cream, pancakes and desserts, glaze your ham, sausages or vegetables, flavour your stews, oat cakes and breads. As a hot healthy drink or in whiskey. Drizzle on cheese (particularly blue cheese), on pate and game terrines. Delicious on bananas as well as poured on Waldorf Salads! Just some of the uses and suggestions coming from our customers.

Syrup as a Glaze for Ham Drizzle on Porridge and muesli Pour on Pancakes Ice-Cream and Desserts Syrup as a Glaze for Sausages Syrup as a Glaze for Vegtables On pate and game terrines On pate and game terrines Poured on Waldorf Salads Flavour your stews, oat cakes and breads On pate and game terrines A hot healthy drink or in whiskey Delicious on bananas